Jim Turner Sales

459 Clymer-Corry Road
Clymer, NY 14724 

McCormick and Landini Dealer

Located right in the center of Clymer, NY


This is our history, building upon our future.  Carlton Damcott shop started in this location in 1953. He started as an International dealer, and later as a Leyland Tractor Dealer. New Idea was one of the most popular lines that brought customers to him.  Jim worked for Carl Damcott for over twenty years. He worked in the shop, and made the service calls. Customer service was also part of a day’s work.  The experience has taught him the importance of getting the customer back in business. With Carl’s encouragement, we went looking for a new tractor line in 1990 and came across an advertisement looking for new Landini Dealers. We did some research, and became very impressed with the tractor. It had Perkins engines and from a mechanical point of view, was very durable. We have been selling Landini and later, McCormick tractors since then, and have felt that we are sending out the best tractor we could, for what the customer needs.

Our belief is that the customer must come first, and the best must be done. When we sell a tractor, the tank is full (no matter how big the tank), and the delivery is scheduled around the customer.

The family business is still continuing with Jim in shop management (with hands on at times), sales and sometimes office duty. Lois is in the office, and David is in the shop. We do get help from other employees, and they understand what our goals are concerning our customers.

Feel free to stop in at any time. We would be glad to see you                                           

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